We Can Do Better


Dear Friends,

refugees welcomeWe need your help to get out the vote to end the war. Join us from coast to coast to coast on Saturday, September 26 for a day of rallies and mass voter engagement.

This election and beyond, we can do better. We can do better by electing a government that prioritizes public services, including health care, childcare, the CBC, education, door-to-door mail delivery, and affordable housing, rather than spending $490 billion dollars on war and militarism even as it abandons veterans.

We can do better by electing a government that respects international human rights by welcoming refugees from Syria and other places devastated by war and environmental degradation.

It’s time for a humane and meaningful policy that acknowledges that more bombing and fearmongering is not a solution to the growing refugee crises around the world.

You can help get out the vote to end the war by joining a September 26 action near you or organizing one.

Meme C51 smWe can do better by electing a government that defends and expands democracy by introducing proportional representation to make every vote count, instead of one that enacts voter suppression bills like the Unfair Elections Act and muzzling scientists, public servants, and evidence itself.

We can do better by electing a government that protects our civil liberties and human rights instead of passing unconstitutional legislation like Bills C-51 (the secret police bill) and C-24 (the two-tiered citizenship act).

systemchange-not-climatechangeWe can do better by electing a government that protects the environment, rather than one that guts environmental legislation to pave the way for the destruction of water, the land, and the climate.

We can do better by electing a government that respects the self-determination and free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples. We call for an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, implementing the truth and reconciliation commission’s recommendations, and respecting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We can do better and together we will.

Rally and Mass Canvass for Change on September 26

End-the-war-2015On September 26, we’ll knock on doors, we’ll reach out at local events and pedestrian hubs in our communities, and we’ll mobilize as never before to get out the vote this election.

On October 19, we can change course by taking action now to increase voter turnout. And after October 19, we will ensure that the election is not the end but the beginning of building the future we want.

We can do better at the ballot box and beyond, for today and for future generations. We can do better for peace and prosperity not war and austerity.

We need your help to make it happen.

It’s time.

In gratitude, peace and solidarity,

christine-jonesChristine Jones
Canadian Peace Alliance