More war in Iraq will just make things worse

War has already made it worse for the people of Iraq, more war will not make it any better

From the beginning, the Harper government has been unwilling to provide Canadians with meaningful details about their current march to war. That credible information tells us that the Prime Minister all but begged to be part of the fight club is a clear indication that, as with his government’s Canada First Defence Strategy, Harper is seeking war at all costs.

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Take action to stop Harper’s new war in Iraq

The Canadian government has announced that “several dozen” military advisors, accompanied by two cargo planes full of weapons, to assist the Iraqi government and Kurdish fighters currently engaged with the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Canadian Peace Alliance strongly denounces the Canadian government’s support for a new war in Iraq. These military advisors are drawn from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment – and while the mission is allegedly not one of combat, it is unclear what role the special ops soldiers will play in Iraq. There has also been no clarification about whether any Joint Task Force 2 operatives are currently in Iraq or Syria, and if so, how long they may have been there. Meanwhile, Harper has compared ISIS to the Taliban of Afghanistan, calling them “barbaric” and alleging their aim is “genocide” – a claim clearly aimed at justifying military action that will in reality do nothing to stop them.

Take action today to keep Canada out of Iraq and redirect military spending to social and environmental programs.

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