The Federal Budget is still a war budget

Despite some cuts to DND – Military spending is still growing.

Toronto: The Federal budget 2012 still shows an increase in military spending to a total of more than $20 billion for the year 2012. Despite claims that the Harper government will be reducing military spending, the reality is that this reduction is simply a small haircut of $1.1 billion off of a massive structural budget increase as outlined by the Canada First Defence Strategy which calls for almost a half trillion dollars in spending by 2025. Continue reading

Time to wage war against carbon emissions, says Canadian Peace Alliance

Global community must act on its Responsibility to Protect life on Earth

As the UN climate talks in Durban conclude this weekend, Canada’s umbrella peace organization is calling for a large-scale redirection of military spending to fighting the climate crisis. The Canadian Peace Alliance says there is an urgent need to reduce military spending and use the funds for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. Continue reading