To remember is to work for peace


Healthcare-not-warfareDear Friends,

Thank you for being a stalwart supporter of the Canadian Peace Alliance – Canada’s peace and anti-war movement.

No doubt, as 2014 draws to a close, all the letters you are getting from organisations are saying “thank you” and “we couldn’t do our work without supporters like you”. These are true words – and maybe more so for the peace movement.

Standing against war and militarism has rarely been an easy task. We are entering perilous times, with the Harper government sinking Canada into a new quagmire in Iraq. It is one of those times when we have to organize and mobilize on a large scale and ‘pull out all the stops’.

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Six steps to defeating ISIS without bombing Iraq or Syria

Military attacks are wrong, illegal in international law, immoral because of civilian casualties, a distraction from diplomacy, and make real solutions impossible.

By Phyllis Bennis | 12 September 2014

President Obama is right: There is no military solution. Military actions will not set the stage for political solutions; they will prevent those solutions from taking hold. Escalating military actions against this violent extremist organization is not going to work. Continue reading