Stop All Killing from Iraq to Syria to Canada: Rally to Stop the Violence

We cannot let the attacks in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu perpetuate the cycle of war, violence and Islamophobia.

The killing of two soldiers in Ottawa and in Quebec must be condemned, as we oppose all acts of violence against innocent people. This was a tragic loss of life. Moving forward, we cannot let these killings become fodder for a pro-war, militaristic agenda in Canada. Continue reading

2014 Convention of the Canadian Peace Alliance

Peace and Prosperity – Not – War and Austerity

The Canadian Peace Alliance invites you to participate in its 2014 convention: Peace & prosperity, not war & austerity. The convention aims to bring together peace activists and allies from all across the country to discuss and debate the task of building a stronger movement for peace and justice. As Stephen Harper continues to pour untold billions into wars abroad and militarism at home, we would like to propose some real alternatives to the pro-war agenda. Continue reading