The Canadian Peace Alliance always welcomes new members. Each new group strengthens our network and our presence. Membership is open to any group of two or more people, except for political parties.

If you’re already involved in a peace group, ask your group to consider joining the CPA. As a member, your group will be connected to peace groups across the country – you’ll be able to share resources, materials, and knowledge. Your group will also be given a vote at our bi-annual convention, where we decide on policies and campaign directions.

Download a membership application or contact us at to have one mailed to you.

If you’re an individual looking to get involved, use our directory of peace groups to find a group in your area. Or, join the CPA by starting your own group! Any group of two or more people is eligible to join, and we assess fees on a sliding scale to ensure that membership is accessible to everyone. So find a friend that shares your interests, give yourselves a name, and join our cross-Canada network!

Help us create a stronger voice for peace. Join the Canadian Peace Alliance today.

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